REGREENING is an international company in the Netherlands and Iraq. We provide innovative solutions to combat Climate change and address environmental challenges. Our mission is to create a sustainable future by harnessing the power of advanced technologies and creative techniques and environmentally friendly solutions.

At Regreening, we believe that the fight against Climate change requires a multidimensional approach that combines Ecological Water Saving Technology and advanced irrigation systems, renewable energy, and sustainable practices. Our team of experts, consisting of scientists, engineers, and environmental specialists, is committed to developing and implementing groundbreaking solutions that significantly reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Our Core Solutions:

1. Ecological Water Saving Technology: We provide an ingenious solution to the challenge of arid conditions. The unique design of the Waterboxx and Growboxx® plant cocoon ensures that the soil inside remains moist, while the surrounding environment remains extremely dry. This innovative system supports the growth of plants by delivering an essential water supply, even in the harshest of drought-stricken areas.

2. Renewable Energy Technologies: We focus on developing and deploying clean and renewable energy solutions, such as solar. Our expertise in energy storage and grid integration ensures a seamless transition toward a low-carbon future. As renewable energy sources are intermittent, efficient energy storage solutions are essential for ensuring a stable and reliable power supply. Advanced battery technologies, grid-scale storage systems, and other energy storage innovations enable the smooth integration of renewables into the energy grid and help balance energy demand and supply.

3. Sustainable Agriculture: We support farmers and agricultural practices that promote soil health, reduce methane emissions, and enhance carbon sequestration. Through innovative farming techniques, we aim to make agriculture more sustainable and climate-friendly while reducing emissions and preserving natural resources.
REGREENING is committed to working collaboratively with governments, businesses, and non- governmental organizations to scale up these solutions worldwide. Our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and a cleaner planet drives us to lead the fight against climate change and create a brighter future for generations to come. Together, we can make a significant impact in combating climate change and preserving our planet's delicate ecosystems.
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