1. Ecological Water Saving Technology:

Ecological Water Saving Technology offers innovative solutions to preserve our planet's most precious resource - water. By combining advanced technology and sustainable practices, optimize water usage, reduces wastage, and promotes environmental balance. This transformative approach is essential in combating water scarcity and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

We provide an ingenious solution to the challenge of arid conditions. The unique design of the Waterboxx and Growboxx® plant cocoon ensures that the soil inside remains moist, while the surrounding environment remains extremely dry. This innovative system supports the growth of plants by delivering an essential water supply, even in the harshest of drought-stricken areas.

An innovative solution for reforestation and resource conservation. With a 90% water-saving capability, it not only promotes a sustainable environment but also proves to be 90% more cost-efficient. The Waterboxx and Growboxx® plant cocoon ensures a remarkable 90% survival rate for planted trees, while its reusable design guarantees a lifespan of 10 years. This scientifically proven method, symbolized by icon2, takes care of the entire process from start to finish. By creating jobs and involving the next generation, we foster participation and a brighter future with Waterboxx and Growboxx® plant cocoon


Introducing the Waterboxx: an innovative solution for reforestation and resource conservation. With a 90% water-saving capability, it not only promotes a sustainable environment but also proves to be 90% more cost-efficient. The Waterboxx ensures a remarkable 90% survival rate for planted trees, while its reusable design guarantees a lifespan of 10 years. This scientifically proven method, symbolized by icon2, takes care of the entire process from start to finish. By creating jobs and involving the next generation, we foster participation and a brighter future with the Waterboxx (symbolized by icon3).
The idea and the goal
The main goal of reforestation with this technology is to plant the largest possible number in the areas to combat desertification according to modern, non-traditional and environmentally friendly techniques and methods. The scarcity of water in Iraq prompts us to use this technology and apply it on the ground. Such projects that we intend to implement are not only related to the availability of technology. As Regreening takes care of each project from start to finish, this way the company can guarantee quality and sustainability.

The company seeks to create as many opportunities as possible for the local population, and thus we can reduce the problem of unemployment and improve nature at the same time. The technology used by the Regreening Company with high technology can save 90% of water compared to all current irrigation systems. This allows us to increase the production of trees and plants. By 90%, this means that within 5 years we can transform nature from sandstorms and dry desert into a green area. Of course, this will lead to increased food production, which helps prevent food shortages in the future and guarantees the future of future generations.

Projects implemented in countries that have a climate similar to that of Iraq, for example:

  • Kuwait - Sahara project - Kuwait with an area of ​​5,000 dunums in 2012, with a success rate of 97%.
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Saudi Desert Project - contract for 9,000,000 nine million pieces.
  • The United Arab Emirates - The project started in Dubai in 2015 and resulted in 93% success, knowing that the growth of trees in particular (Ghaf tree) is 200% higher than its natural growth.
  • The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - The beginning of the project in 2012, with a success rate of 90%. The technology was invested in planting fruit trees, including grapes, with a growth rate more than normal.
  • Amman, the beginning of the project 2019, the success rate of the project was 85%, noting that they were using the distillation technique, and after the comparison, it turned out that it is 98% cheaper and less waste of water.
  • Mexico, and the Republic of Mexico has a dry desert climate that is more severe than the Iraqi climate (its climate is characterized by severe dust storms). The start of the project was 2018, and the success yielded 99%.
  • Arab Maghreb. The beginning of the project was in 2010 in the desert, and the trees sprouted after 6 months, i.e. 6 months faster than expected.
  • Kingdom of Spain. The beginning of the project in 2011, and this technology was exploited in 5 places within the borders of the Kingdom, with the participation of the European Union, with a success rate of 95%. It was planted along the sides of long highways to ensure the absorption of toxic gases (carbon dioxide), soften the atmosphere, and prevent the encroachment of dust from the desert onto paved roads.

    Independently validated and worldwide recognition: Groasis’ inventions have received worldwide recognition from the highest authorities, such as:

    2016: Dutch Government crowns Groasis as a National Icon after a 6 months technical due diligence. Only 10 companies in the Netherlands have ever received this award;

    2017: United Nations World Food Programme crowns Groasis as one of 3 companies in their Innovation Accelerator, in order to reach its objective of ‘Zero hunger by 2030’. In the same year UN Global Compact features Groasis as the most disruptive technology to address land degradation and fight desertification in its 2017 Global Opportunity Report;

    2018: Dutch National Chamber of Commerce chooses Groasis as the Most Innovative Small & Medium Enterprise of The Netherlands;

    2019: Government of Abu Dhabi awards Groasis with the Khalifa Date Palm Award for “Pioneering sophisticated Innovations serving the Agricultural Sector”;

    2020: Boskalis and the Netherlands Business Council, as part of Expo 2020 Dubai, give the Boskalis Water Award; for the Waterfilter Boxx® given its promise to permit large scale reforestation using polluted/sea water.

    2022: EU Business News titles Groasis as the “Leading Pioneer in Reforestation” and also crowns the company with the “Global Sustainability Innovation Award 2022”. Groasis’ technology has been used to successfully plant over 2,000,000 trees and plants in 55 countries over the last two decades.
  • 2. Renewable Energy Technology:

    In collaboration with three international companies from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, REGREENING is a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, specializing in harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean and sustainable electricity. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solar systems has positioned us as a trailblazer in the renewable energy industry. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, we strive to empower businesses and communities with reliable and eco-friendly solar energy solutions.

    Why Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems?

    Solar renewable energy systems offer clean, sustainable, and abundant power from the sun. They provide energy independence, low operating costs, and contribute to job creation and economic growth. Solar electricity is green renewable energy and doesn't release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants.A solar energy system can reduce approximately 8.5 tons of CO2 per household, per year, and this is equal to taking three cars off the road.

    A solar park is a large-scale installation of solar panels that generates clean electricity from sunlight. It plays a vital role in promoting renewable energy adoption and combating climate change.

    Solar parks are likely to be seen more as an alternative asset class, partly due to the favorable risk-return profile and the government's ambitious sustainability goals. Solar parks can be an interesting source of income for investors. A solar park quickly yields 7,000 to sometimes 11,000 euros per hectare!
    Our expertise
    At REGREENING, we offer a comprehensive range of solar energy services, including the design, installation, and maintenance of state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems. From small Residential installations to large-scale Solar parks, our team of experts ensures seamless integration and maximum energy efficiency for every project. Our expertise encompasses various aspects of the solar energy industry, including:

    1. System Design: Our team of experienced engineers and solar experts carefully assesses the specific requirements of each project. We design customized solar solutions that maximize energy production, considering factors such as location, available sunlight, electricity consumption patterns, and client preferences.

    2. Installation: With meticulous attention to detail, our certified technicians ensure flawless solar panel installations. We adhere to industry best practices and safety standards to guarantee the optimal performance and longevity of the solar system.

    3. Project Management: From start to finish, we offer comprehensive project management services. Our dedicated project managers oversee every aspect of the solar installation, ensuring efficient coordination, timely completion, and adherence to budget constraints.

    4. Technology Selection: Keeping up with advancements in solar technology, we offer a wide range of solar panels and inverters from reputable manufacturers. Our expertise allows us to recommend the most suitable and efficient equipment for each project, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

    5. Energy Efficiency Solutions: Beyond solar panel installations, we focus on energy efficiency to further optimize energy usage. We provide consultations on energy-saving practices and offer additional services such as LED lighting upgrades and smart energy management solutions.

    6. Maintenance and Support: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the installation phase. We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the solar system operates at peak efficiency throughout its lifespan.

    7. Regulatory Compliance: We stay updated with local regulations and permitting requirements to ensure smooth project approval processes. Our expertise in navigating regulatory frameworks ensures that solar installations comply with all necessary permits and codes.

    8. Scalability: Whether it's a small residential installation or a large-scale solar park, our expertise in scalable solutions allows us to adapt our services to projects of varying sizes and complexities.

    Specification of the Solar System:

  • Fire protection class A
  • German warranty
  • Resistant to salt and ammonia mist
  • Hochtransparentes, selbstreinigendes Glas
  • Highly transparent, self-cleaning glass
  • Resistant to mechanical loads of up to 5,400 Nm²
  • Our complaint rate is less than 0.001%
  • Striving for the best possible balance of economic, ecological and social interests
  • Disposal after expired operating time is regulated by the EAR registration
  • Personal and customer-oriented service
  • 3. Sustainable Agriculture

    Sustainable Agriculture: We support farmers and agricultural practices that promote soil health, reduce methane emissions, and enhance carbon sequestration. Through innovative farming techniques, we aim to make agriculture more sustainable and climate-friendly while reducing emissions and preserving natural resources.

    The REGREENING Study Center in Iraq is dedicated to the critical task of reforestation. Through the team`s efforts, they are actively engaged in replenishing the once-depleted forests in the region. Using innovative techniques and sustainable practices, they are planting trees and nurturing their growth to restore the natural green cover and combat desertification.

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