On June 24, 2022, we embarked on our journey to Site No. 1 of the Dutch Regreening Company Studies Center in Iraq. Our mission was to contribute to the restoration efforts and study the ecological challenges faced in the region. The date, 06-24-2022, marked the beginning of a significant endeavor towards promoting sustainable reforestation and environmental research in Iraq.
The dust storm, a consequence of desertification in Iraq, serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to restore the country's greenery. Tireless efforts are being made to reforest Iraq, aiming to combat the devastating impact of desertification and mitigate the frequency of dust storms. The Regreening Project No. 2 is an ambitious endeavor that seeks to revitalize Iraq's landscape, promoting ecological balance and reducing the occurrence of dust storms caused by desertification.
In collaboration with WFP and Rwanga Foundation for Development, 5000 trees were planted using waterboxx at the agriculture faculty of Salahaddin University. Hopefully, this marks a significant step towards preserving our environment’s greenery and fostering sustainable practices. This is made possible with the help of the Waterboxx received from REGREENING, which conserves water and prevents wastage and evaporation, each waterboxx requires only 15 liters of water per month.

This remarkable initiative is part of the "Building Resilience to Strengthen Food Security in Iraq" project, conducted by Rwanga Foundation, in partnership with World Food Programme and funded by the German Cooperation.
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